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About Hudson Productions

Hudson Productions is a twenty-two year old theatre company founded by Heather and Bert Markgraf. It is based in Montreal and Hudson, Quebec and it produced most of the early Hudson Village Theatre shows when the theatre was located in a large, 200-seat tent in the meadow beside Mon Village Restaurant.

From 1993 to 1997, Hudson Productions produced an average of three professional productions per year for Village Theatre. Among the plays produced were "Sacred Hearts" by Colleen Curran, "Love Letters" by A. R. Gurney, "Same Time Next Year" by Bernard Slade, "I Ought to be in Pictures" by Neil Simon, "Salt Water Moon" by David French, "Thirteen Hands" by Carol Shields, "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" by Clark Gessner, "On Golden Pond" by Ernest Thompson and "Wrong for Each Other" by Norm Foster.

After Village Theatre moved into the renovated Hudson Railway Station, Hudson Productions produced one of Village Theatre's biggest hits, "Shirley Valentine" by Willy Russell there. More recently, Hudson Productions produced "The Woman in Black" by Stephen Malatratt, at The Piggery Theatre in North Hatley and at Village Theatre in Hudson.

In addition to theatre production, the company is a strong supporter of Heather Markgraf's new professional theatre company, Theatre Panache. It also acts as an actors' agency, supplying actors to the Canadian Customs and Excise College in Rigaud for the training of Canadian customs officers. Currently Hudson Productions has over 100 professionally trained actors under contract and these actors spend a total of about 1500 hours a month performing scenarios involving travellers entering Canada so that customs officer trainees can learn how to deal with different situations.

In 2007 Hudson Productions diversified offering its actors new opportunities in theatre productions and the corporate entertainment world. It is a partner in the Hudson StoryFest where it produces plays, play readings and fundraisers.

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