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Training Simulations

Hudson Productions specializes in providing actors to re-create scenes or scenarios which can be used to train employees to react appropriately in the simulated situations. For the Canadian Government, Hudson Productions supplies actors to bring to life scenarios which might occur at Canadian border crossings, in airports or in immigration. The actors play travellers in various situations and the customs officer trainees are guided in the appropriate reactions.

Hudson Productions offers this kind of simulation for training in other organizations, in particular wherever employees have to interact with the public in widely varying situations. Such training is of interest to sales organizations, customer support departments and for order fulfillment when the representatives deal directly with customers.

We can supply actors to simulate situations which you specify and which reflect experiences from your employees' interaction with customers. These simulated situations can then be used to train current and new employees to make sure the best possible outcome is achieved for your company. Such simulations can also be used to evaluate performace of existing employees, trainees or candidates. In addition, Hudson Productions can design such simulation scenarios to reflect your guidelines, training goals and desired outcomes for interactions.

To discuss possible training simulations for your organization, please contact Heather Markgraf at (450) 458-5281 or at heather@hudsonproductions.ca .

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